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6 Lessons I Learned From Finishing a 21-Day Habit Challenge
Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Over the past few years, I've really focused on growing my financial planning practice, my blogs and my other online ventures. … As part of the challenge, I had my readers print off the Bad Habit Destroyer worksheet.
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How Do You Do Money? Cait, Managing Editor
… to do guilt-free and know there's still some in the bank if you need it. Do you need help getting your money in order? Tell us why you need a financial makeover and you could win a customized financial plan from a Certified Financial Planner …
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Latest Financial Planning Worksheet,Blog News

Northwestern ruling sends clear message: NCAA, it's time to negotiate
What matters is whether there is an exchange of compensation that provides a financial benefit to the employer. "This is not even close," said Ramogi … (Though a look at the necessary worksheet suggests that if athletes are considered employees, the …


Latest Financial Planning Worksheet,Blog News

::#^% Payday in advance san diego
Any Everyone Info sheet QA Random Sample Worksheet for Dependent Students 2014 Dependent students FAS form QA Random Sample Worksheet for Independent Students 2014 Independent students FAS form Receipt Request Any Everyone Bursar form Reinstatement of …
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Payday loans collection agencies
Before using this worksheet, adding up to big savings each year, at the western end of Lake Kariba, Slow Rise No-knead einkorn bread. Please be sure to provide accurate … Daves last day of work was December 31, financial regulators and other Russian …
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Clarity sought as Northwestern football's labor effort evolves

Clarity sought as Northwestern football's labor effort evolves
Huma pointed to a provision in the tax code specifically about athletic scholarships that provides a worksheet for figuring out what is taxable. It notes that a scholarship for a "degree candidate" is not taxable. One could make the argument that the …
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CFPB weekly– March 3, 2014

CFPB weekly– March 3, 2014
Consumer Savings: On February 25th, the CFPB published a blog post entitled, “Set a Goal, Make a Plan, and Save Automatically,” which explained how to use the CFPB's “My New Money Goal” financial planning worksheet to set goals and make plans.
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At Home(buying): Stick to household budgeting
Regardless of their monthly income, Burk said the counselors at HCCI helps their clients fill out a budget worksheet to identify and document their monthly and yearly costs related to their house, vehicles, taxes, groceries and other items. “We have …
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5 Clever Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More Money
You won't have to add much money to your piggy bank for the initial few weeks. There is a great 52-week challenge worksheet from Jeff Rose, a certified financial planner, on his website, Good Financial Cents. 2. Set Aside Your Savings from the … What …
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Facebook For Marketing Your Financial Planning Business – 4 Strategies

Facebook is an internet marketer’s dream, if used properly. This article focuses on financial advisers who may be starting out or who want to expand their online marketing strategies.

If you’re wondering how to become a financial adviser, the info at the end of this article will help you evaluate your business options.

Note: I’ll assume that you already have a free Facebook account. If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, and don’t have a Facebook account yet, head on over after reading this article and set up your account. It’s free and it’s a no-brainer for any business owner. I’ll also assume that you’ll begin searching for your existing client base on Facebook, and that you’re actively inviting them to be your friends.

Another note: Make sure you check with compliance about your company’s rules for online client interaction. If your compliance department is anything like mind was, they’ve got a book on it.

Let’s get started:

Strategy #1: Start a Facebook group. The advantage of starting a group is credibility. Set up a group that’s relevant to the area of being a financial adviser, that would appeal to clients. Make it a Getting Wealthy Club or an Investing for Great Returns Club.

When you set up the group, clearly state your ‘credo’, which is a statement of purpose for what this group is all about.

Once you start the group, invite your clients to join the group.

Then, visit the group daily, posting your comments, ideas and/or wealth building strategies. You’ll gain credibility and your clients will gain knowledge and a closer connection with you…which means more money. Financial planning success is built on relationships.

Strategy #2: Comment daily on your own feed with your meaningful thoughts. That means to go daily to your own Facebook page and post a meaningful thought for the day-one that will appeal to your clients.

As a financial adviser, you want to stay top of mind to your clients.

This is a great way to interact with them, without selling something or seeming pushy.

Important Note: Do not post what cereal you’re having for breakfast or any of the other minutiae of life you’ll find on Facebook. That’s not effective marketing. You want to make your posts meaningful to your clients.

Strategy #3: Keep your clients on a separate list on Facebook and respond meaningfully to selected posts. Creating a list is easy, and it means that only those who are on the list will see the feeds for that list. You don’t want to mix your friends.

This is very important!

Keep your clients separate from your friends/family! Business is business and play is play. Keep this boundary in place. Then, when your clients post things that are going on in their lives, take note. Comment when you feel inclined too. Otherwise, keep the info in mind, for instance, a kid’s graduation, or a client who’s preparing for a marathon.

People share all kinds of personal info on Facebook with their friends, and you can use that info to create deeper bonds, because you care.

Strategy #4: Search for people in your niche market and invite them to be your friends. Facebook folks don’t seem to mind who invites them to be friends, it seems that most people on Facebook are open. There are some who are picky about friends, but they are by far the minority.

Facebook is one big party, so invite people who are in your target market to join your party. That way, they’re being exposed to your skill and expertise as a financial advisor on a daily basis. Sooner or later, they’ll connect with you personally.

Hint: you can find people in your niche market by the droves by searching the existing groups on Facebook.

So there you have it, 4 Facebook marketing strategies that are easy, and the best part is, you can begin today!

I wish Facebook had been an option in the days when I was getting started as a financial adviser. It wasn’t. But today, you can use this powerful medium to market yourself effectively, for free, and add to your client base, while solidifying existing relationships.

Good fortune to you!

Valerie Love is a Wealth & Prosperity Coach who teaches the art and science of wealthy living, personally and in business. If you’re looking for a unique and powerful way to add an additional four figures of revenue to your monthly income, visit: or connect with Valerie via e-mail at:


Color of Money: Tired of being broke? Try the 21-day financial fast

Color of Money: Tired of being broke? Try the 21-day financial fast
On Day 12, you'll work on a plan if you have debt. You'll find a worksheet to help you with the debt reduction. There's information on a budget template and other tools you can download to help you in this challenge. If you're tired of being broke and …
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2014 Goal Setting Resource For All Ages Released by
The site welcomes over half a million teens, parents, and teachers each school year to its goal setting and educational content featuring writing contests, blogging resources, teen trend reports, educational resources, literacy initiatives and more …
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