Social Selling Action Plan, Part 4: Seek A Warm Relationship

Social Selling Action Plan, Part 4: Seek A Warm Relationship
In previous installments of this series, we've explored how to use HootSuite to create a compelling online presence, listen to your industry, and observe real time buying signals from your prospects. Now, let's look at how … Researching your …
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Microsoft reveals standalone OneDrive for Business cloud storage plans
For businesses with existing Software Advantage or Office 365 ProPlus agreements the price will only be $ 1.50 per user per month, Julia White, the general manager of Office, said in a blog post. Each employee will receive 25 GB of online … Microsoft …
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PMI Expands Focus on Requirements Management
In addition to the Requirements Management COE and PMI-PBA credential, PMI plans to publish a practice guide on the topic of business analysis later in 2014. … (HSI) provides organizational assessment and benchmarking services to leading businesses …
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Realizing The Value Of Content Curation Across The Channel

Realizing The Value Of Content Curation Across The Channel
Through a survey of more than 500 marketers, Curata confirmed that although original content acquired most of businesses' marketing mix (65 percent), companies were paying more attention to curated content (35 percent) and syndicated content (10 …
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10 Words Entrepreneurs Should Use With Caution
Will this business scale? Listen to you sounding like a venture capitalist! But I don't know if that means growing to two stores or 10,000 stores, going international or going public, making you a billionaire or finding one crucial employee to help you …
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3 under-appreciated tactics that can add value to customer lifecycle comms
But I wanted to take the opportunity in this blog post to highlight three campaign tactics that I don't hear mentioned that often and which could potentially add value to your customer lifecycle communication programs. 1. The beautiful exit. Most …
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THOMAS | The Road Not Taken
The plan seemed simple, and success by the age of 25 would be imminent. Yet here I am at the … This column is for the girl who has always dreamed of being on stage her whole life, but listened to all of the naysayers who claimed a performance career …
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Guest Blogging is Dead. Long Live Guest Blogging
If you're writing or accepting guest blog posts in hopes of achieving a search engine optimization (SEO) benefit, stop it. Now. So said Matt Cutts, the head of … link building and other SEO tactics. So far, it's unknown outside Google if the search …
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Online Marketing Trends Are Moving Toward Visual Assets
Link building techniques were used to build traffic toward business websites. This included making a list of websites linking to your most challenging rival and attempting to submit your link in each directory, platform, etc., or you would try to …
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Back To Square One: Getting Your Business Started
You start by reading this blog, of course. Starting a business is extremely time-consuming. You really need the passion and drive to dive right in. The process is sometimes difficult to navigate – especially for … Take advantage of the SBA's free …
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Massachusetts Approves First 20 Medical Marijuana Licenses to 'Highest
She said only dispensaries with the “highest quality applications” were selected to be a part of the budding new industry, which will likely create hundreds of jobs in Massachusetts. Van Unen signed off on the companies selected … Before shops can …
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Are You Sabotaging the Magic of Marketing Automation?
Like anything else in business, the first step is to create a process for content creation. This means whether you offer super-duper widgets or complex consulting services, you now … Content Plan – Once you understand your buyer, you can create a …
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Get a conducive auto enrolment quote for your business

The government of UK works with a vision of providing benefits to the pensioners, so that they do not face any problem in their post retirement lives. In order to provide them the help they need, the government has taken a step in the form of auto enrolment policy. This policy will provide an advantage to the employees in United Kingdom. They will be enrolled in a workplace pension scheme or the government’s NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) policy, in order to make savings for retirement.

An employer can search for an advisory firm, which provide auto enrolment quote according to the needs of his business.

This policy came into formation after the government observed a pension crisis. UK is presently facing a  pension crisis due to inadequate saving for retirement, longer life expectancy, decreased pension funds and an ageing population. Among all these reasons, it was only possible to work towards encouraging savings in order to increase the retirement funds and the government did the same.

The government has made it an obligation for the employer to have a business pension scheme, in order to cover those people, who do not save for their retirement. The employers are now busy in finding a competitive auto enrolment quote to set up a pension plan in their business.

The government has introduced a schedule for companies to implement the auto enrolment law. The organisations with the biggest size will be affected first, then the medium-sized and smaller one at the end. However, the size of the business does not matter a lot, as every businessman has to take some crucial decisions to modify his set up according to the new regulation.

An entrepreneur does not require to search for an auto enrolment quote, if he wants to opt the government policy for implementing the new system.

The government policy, NEST, comply an employer to contribute a predefined percentage of contribution towards workers’ pension fund. This plan is also the default pension scheme, which will be implied to employers, who do not give any alternate system to meet the outlines laid by the legislation.

It is not at all mandatory to opt the NEST, one can also employ some other pension plan according to his needs. There are various firms in the market, which provide financial advice on company’s pension scheme and offers lucrative auto enrolment quote best suited for your business model. NEST is more beneficial for medium earners, so you can opt it for low earners and some high investment policy for others.

Search online for the financial advisory firms, which are well-known and have large experience.

Auto Enrolment Expert, UK’s renowned pension advisory firm, provides effective auto enrolment quote. We are the first choice of a professional, to get assistance for making an investment in a retirement scheme.

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5 tips for social media managers during big events
Creating content for the sake of content is so boring. If you plan to incorporate a “big game” theme into your plan, then do something that is worth reading, liking, sharing or commenting on. Too often brands throw in a hashtag and think that will work …
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The Thinker on Twitter? Baltimore Museum of Art hires strategist to go digital
Her husband suggested she create one online, instead. “I'm an accidental technologist,” she said. “I thought this is going to revolutionize the art world. The artists can publish directly online.” Proctor plans to continue that digital link to the art …
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Young & Reckless: An Interview with Chris “Drama” Pfaff
Young & Reckless: An Interview with Chris “Drama” Pfaff · Expert Interviews. By Personal Branding Blog, Published January 27, 2014 … Or that anyone can make their dreams come true and create a better life for themselves. I come from Akron, Ohio …
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Bristol is performing strongly economically says 2014 Centre for Cities report
“The reported job losses up to 2012, whether accurate or not, only serves to stimulate my determination to create and attract more business in the Bristol city region and further strengthen our position as leader in a variety of sectors. “We are …
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5 Ways to Prepare for a Near-Perfect Product Launch
No matter how unsexy they are, every business needs contingency plans. Don't think that what happened to others won't happen to you. … The large influx of business will create customer service and technical issues you don't normally experience, and …
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Recommended reads: 'Hidden Riches,' 'Harmony Cabins'
I missed paying tribute to her in my June 3 blog post — mea culpa. And if you're a writer, and Felicia is facilitating a workshop, … A funeral, a will, family and drama — ingredients that Mason took and ran with to create Hidden Riches. With an …
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See which West Seattle spots are proposed for new 'pedestrian zoning' – and a
MURRAY CSO UPDATE: King County Wastewater Treatment presented the latest on the million-gallon-storage-tank plan for what had been a residential block across from Lowman Beach Park. Recent changes at the site were recapped – construction …. The main …
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The odds are against Tim Hudak's plan to create a million Ontario jobs
The leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Tim Hudak, is planning on releasing a “Million Jobs Act” that he claims, if implemented, will add one million jobs to the Ontario economy over eight years. Without knowing the specific details of the …
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I'm From West Virginia and I've Got Something to Say About the Chemical Spill
To hell with every one of you who decided that making life convenient for business meant making life dangerous for us. To hell with you for making us the eggs you had to … He writes a blog at FOLLOW POLITICS. Like. 471k.
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New Shamu show planned for SeaWorld San Antonio
… Orlando and San Diego, which helped us to achieve record revenue for the year,” Atchison said in a Jan. 13 press statement. W. Scott Bailey covers health care, tourism, sports business, economic development; he also plans and edits some special …
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Use Holiday Down Time to Create a Business Continuity Plan
CIO offers more advice on business continuity planning. It begins by making the point that business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans are two different things. A DR plan, according to Ed Tittel and Kim Lindros, focuses on getting the …
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