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Breakfast links: In memoriam
Bucking trend, developer plans 3-bedrooms: While most new area buildings cater to singles, the renovation of the Blairs in Silver Spring will include larger units. These are intended to appeal to ….. The 1000 series are in the process of being …
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As it happened – Phone-hacking jury returns partial verdicts
tweets: News UK say they've apologised for wrongdoing; paid compensation; cooperated with investigations; and changed the way they do business. 13:29: … Charlotte Harris, a lawyer representing alleged victims of phone hacking by the News of the World …
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DC developers take rowhouses to new heights
But the pop-up bible is the PoPville blog, which for several years has chronicled the advance of pop-ups with the same curiosity people had when McMansions began cropping up on old farms in Northern Virginia. (The “PoP” in the blog's … Last month …
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Latest Business Planning Process,Blog News

How a Small Business Can Offer Fortune 500 Benefits
There is nothing more annoying for a small-business owner than to go through the interview process with numerous employee candidates, narrow it down to one outstanding prospect, and make an offer — only to find out they are going with a larger …
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What the future of work looks like
(TheMIX) — There is a lingering notion in the world of business and beyond that organizations are things with four walls, that employees are people who report to work inside them every day for years on end, that work is a matter of executing on …
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National planning expert visiting Austin likes proposal to bury I-35 underground

National planning expert visiting Austin likes proposal to bury I-35 underground
While preserving Austin's special qualities, the code rewrite should help businesses and developers navigate the planning and construction process better, Park said. “If it takes a long time for a zoning change and if you're not sure whether you're …
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SpotOn lets people rent out unused space for parking
So it was only natural that he made a deal with SpotOn Parking, which lets San Francisco homeowners and businesses rent out their driveways, garages and parking lots when not in use. SpotOn says it is different from apps that help drivers find spots on …
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Ovation Brands Selects Cloud-based MICROS Simphony™ and MICROS iCare
Ovation Brands is also benefiting from Simphony's web services architecture, which enables easy system growth and deployment, the elimination of back-office servers in stores, a lower total cost of ownership, and eases the process of upgrading to newer …
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IBM's BlueMix new services deliver a combo of DevOps and PaaS to developers …

IBM's BlueMix new services deliver a combo of DevOps and PaaS to developers
ibm-server-racks IBM is in the process of migrating a large part of its software on the SoftLayer cloud so they are accessible in the form of services within a common open architecture. At the IBM Impact 2014 event, IBM is introducing 30 new BlueMix …
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“You hope everything goes as you plan, but most of the time reality catches up
I can help with a business plan. You hope everything goes as you plan, but most of the time reality catches up and adjustments are required. The learning process helps you assess how close you came to your target and what you could have done …
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KarmaKrowd Delivers Four Phase Crowdfunding Consulting Process to Help
"Once campaign managers have a good business plan and crowdfunding profile in place, we allow them to Beta test it on our internal database of KarmaKrowd users to gather instant feedback from insiders. This interactive process allows all users to learn …
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Benefits of an Accurate Freight Quote

Why Businesses Ship Freight

Businesses use freight shipping because it saves them time and money. When shipping items in bulk, no other option comes close to the services and pricing a freight carrier provides. The goal is to find a reputable freight company you can work with that has a vast network of top carriers, exclusive discounts, and equipment options. As an additional bonus, most places let you compare rates, submit completed orders for pickup, manage billing, and track shipments online in just a few clicks.

I’ve simplified the process below. By following these suggestions, you can save time and money on your next freight shipment.

Pack and Weigh Tips

Packaging and weight are the two most important parts to freight shipping. Exact measurements and secure packaging taking the guessing game out of the quote process. It is important to properly pack your item for freight shipping to prevent damage. The ultimate goal is to be able to shake the box without repositioning its contents. The shipping contract between you and the carrier usually stipulates that the items be packed and properly secured to minimize the risk of damage during transport. Carriers can waive their liability if the proper guidelines for packing are not followed.

The weight of the item should be exact and must include packing materials like crates, pallets, bubble wrap, and straps. Provide the true weight of each shipment in order to receive the most accurate freight quote. Most businesses are equipped to weigh heavy loads, but certified weight scales are available locally.

Paperwork is Important

You will need to read and complete specific paperwork for each freight carrier or shipping company you choose to prepare your shipment. Freight documents outline special instructions or shipping guidelines that can save you a headache. These documents are typically called BOLs or bill of lading forms. You will need to use the appropriate bill of lading forms in order to receive discounted rates. If you don’t use the correct paperwork, your shipment could be delayed or you could be charged additional fees.

Be Ready for Delivery

When claiming your freight, whether at a terminal or at your business, be prepared to show BOL paperwork and identification showing that you are the actual recipient of the freight. The carrier will not just drop off your freight at your loading dock or office door without a signature, so make sure to make the proper arrangement on the day of your delivery.

More You Should Know

Commercial shippers use freight shipping because their businesses generally have stock to move in bulk.  With every repeat shipment, carriers and freight companies are more likely to give you deeper discounts. So if your business makes frequent daily, weekly or monthly shipments, there’s an added bonus in it for you. Establish a relationship with a reputable freight company so you can quickly and easily compare rates, track shipments, manage paperwork and speak to a designated account manager.

If you are looking for a freight company to help you through the freight quote process, can be a smart choice. They have been in the freight shipping business for years, and let you instantly compare rates and choose the best discounted price from all the top carriers. You can also use their RFP or request for pricing tool to get specialized handling of your quote.

I hope this article makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the benefits of freight shipping.



Cornerstone OnDemand and Ellucian Achieve Success in Helping Higher …

Cornerstone OnDemand and Ellucian Achieve Success in Helping Higher
SANTA MONICA, Calif., Apr 02, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD) , a global leader in cloud-based talent management software solutions, and Ellucian , a leading software and services provider for the higher education … Several …
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Energy industry targeting carbon to clean up business
Boulet says Husky will inject the carbon into an oil field near Lloydminster, a town that straddles Alberta and Saskatchewan, to boost production in a process called enhanced oil recovery, or EOR. Mel Duvall, a Husky spokesman, declined to comment.
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CHOP to go before planning committee on new tower project
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's bold plan to construct a 21-story tower at South Street and Schuylkill Avenue is scheduled to go before the Philadelphia Planning Commission's civic design review committee Tuesday afternoon. The project would …
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CIOs: Plan mega-datacenter migration now
If the ITO does not have strong relationships with the major business servers, the CIO needs to develop those relationships early in the process. Third, CIOs should convene a strategic migration team with members covering each of the major parts of the …
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Does Your CSB Business Have a Recurring Revenue Growth Plan?

Does Your CSB Business Have a Recurring Revenue Growth Plan?
If you want to get started, you can download some free business growth modeling tools as well as a funnel metrics modeling tool that will enable you follow the planning process outlined above. They will help ensure that your business is not one of the …
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Re-opening China as a destination for U.S. technology exports
This philosophy is exemplified in the process unfolding at Huawei – China's leading networking and telecommunications giant, and a primary competitor to U.S. companies both in China and at home. The firm's founder, Ren Zhengfei, who is suffering from …
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Latest Business Planning Process,Blog News

Gabriel Snyder leaves The Wire, Andrew Golis takes over
At The Wire, Golis "will be charged with crystallizing the site's strategy, growing the overall team, and scaling the business," according to Havens. As we reported in November, The Wire is in the process of courting a broader range of advertisers than …
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I Have A Dream That People Will View a Picture Like This and Not Think It's a
During the process, I thought, There's no way my wife will believe me if I don't take a picture of this. That's when I set my camera up, … (OK, maybe not 13,164 Facebook pages … it was probably closer to 23,164 Facebook pages) That was a head …
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