Are ObamaCare Processing Center Employees Being Paid to Do Nothing?

Are ObamaCare Processing Center Employees Being Paid to Do Nothing?
The facility is responsible for processing paper applications for Americans attempting to sign up for health care plans under ObamaCare. "We are concerned Serco may have much less work than was expected when CMS awarded the contract, and may not …
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BLE vs. NFC: The future of mobile consumer engagement now [infographic]
One thing I notice in the fast-moving mobile payment space is the constant struggle for accuracy. In this case, I don't exclusively refer to location-based accuracy (though we will get to that momentarily) as much as the struggle over the literal …
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History of the US Federal Budget, 2011 – 2013
The legislation established a bipartisan 12-member “super committee” to come up with a plan for achieving that $ 1.2 trillion in savings, and specified that the super committee should come up with that plan no later than November 2011. The law also …
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Outdoor writer Dave Graybill will speak Tuesday at Salmon Summit in Wenatchee

Outdoor writer Dave Graybill will speak Tuesday at Salmon Summit in Wenatchee
So mark your calendars and plan to attend this highly informative evening dedicated to topic of salmon in the Upper Columbia. I will be there with a presentation on the economic impact of salmon and steelhead fishing in our region, so I hop to see you …
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SC State on track to run out of money next month

SC State on track to run out of money next month
The rest of the money sought by the school could come from the Legislature, according to the governor's office. "The crisis at S.C. State University has reached a critical stage, and Gov. Haley's proposal is a way for this important institution to get …
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Video claims Bible holds cure for cancer
It also maintains that the doctor, who fact-checked the Bible's healing code, who is a leader in natural medicine and holds a masters degree from a California seminary, has laid out a step-by-step plan that shows you how to harness the power of the …
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Modification to a Previous Presolicitation Notice – Securing Water for Food
Stage 1 (market-driven product/business development) awardees must have either matching funds (cash/cash equivalent) or in-kind contributions to satisfy the matching requirements. In-kind contributions can come from internal or external sources …
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Do Baked Bean Farts Cause Global Warming? House Of Lords Demands Answers

Do Baked Bean Farts Cause Global Warming? House Of Lords Demands Answers
Winegrowers in France's Champagne region and scientists have already seen changes in the past 25 years, <a href=" …. Hotter temperatures will …
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Historicist: Going Pro
Impressed by the Toronto team, Asahis manager Harry Miyasaki was certain the Oslers would be a huge attraction in Japan, and promised to help them plan a trip overseas. Miyasaki's suggestion piqued the interest of the Oslers management and players, …
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Open Georgia

Open Georgia
Russian dissident Aleksey Navalny's latest website, which allows users to explore data on the business deals that made Sochi, just 20 kilometers from a conflict zone, the home of the 2014 Winter Olympics, is just one example of what can be done …
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National Cybersecurity Framework released – has your organization considered
See also Incentives Study Analytic Report, Department of Homeland Security, June 12, 2013 available at … dams, defense, emergency …
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Global Warming Won't Cut Winter Death Rates As Hoped, Study Says
Staddon's findings are at odds with a 2012 Climate Change Risk Assessment by the British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) that said global warming would bring "some potential benefits, for example, a projected reduction in …
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House Republicans Want Budget Cuts For Seniors, But Not For Insurance
… Republican Congressional Committee, which last week claimed seniors may lose Social Security benefits if they elect Florida Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink, who has said she'd consider parts of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan.
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" Snowden on the Dangers of the 'Privatized' National Security State, in the …

" Snowden on the Dangers of the 'Privatized' National Security State, in the
Desi Doyen of BRAD BLOG's Green News Report with Brad on RT America to connect climate dots from CA's drought to WV & NC's coal waste spills to UK's flooding and beyond. ….. Please recall the selling point written into the proposal [PDF] to pitch …
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Make your heating fuel stretch, drop by drop
How can one household, for example, influence the price of electricity or fuel, or get natural gas lines installed in a remote area? Often in Maine, residents turn to wood heat, which can be labor intensive, or turn down the thermostat. There are also …
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Manhattan Community Boards Want to Fix 57 Dangerous Places for Peds
“It's essential that the proper resources be dedicated to implementation and enforcement” of safety fixes at these and other locations, Brewer wrote in her letter to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg …
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Aflac Introduces New Whole & Term Life Insurance Policies
COLUMBUS, Ga., Jan. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Aflac, the leading provider of voluntary insurance in the United States, today announced two newly enhanced insurance plans: Aflac Whole Life and Aflac Term Life. Plan highlights include face amounts up to …
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Business Plan Template

A business plan is a good way to start on your business plan. The business plan is designed to give you a framework to develop your business ideas.A small business plan template can be extremely helpful for an established business that is in need of strategic planning and management for a new project.A business plan carefully spells out a company’s projected course of action over a period of time.
Business plan is an essential tool in obtaining and financing the business itself in detail as well as all important factors influencing the company, including the market, industry, competition, operations and management policies, problem solving strategies, financial resources and needs, and other vital information.
This template has been provided as a model to help you construct your own business plan.
Think of your business plan as a production line.Throughout the process of creating a plan, you need to keep in mind the objective of the plan. Why are you writing the plan? Is it to manage the business? Or is it to raise money? No matter how small or large your business, you’ve got to aggressively plan the work-and then work the plan.
A free business plan is covering all aspects of your business.Business planning is perhaps the most critical element of a successful business.The process of writing a business plan forces you to consider all the aspects of starting your venture, or taking it to the next stage; from identifying opportunities, to exploring risks, to putting figures to ideas.
The business plan makes you think, quantitatively and qualitatively, about why, what and how you are to proceed. It helps you think about the highs and the lows, the advantages and the disadvantages, the potential for success and for failure.

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