The Money Chase: Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists (The CEO Handbook) (Volume 3)

The Money Chase: Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists (The CEO Handbook) (Volume 3)

The Money Chase: Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists (The CEO Handbook) (Volume 3)

The Money Chase has been the death of many good companies. There are a range of reasons why this is so. Some companies simply do not deserve funding – they are not an attractive investment opportunity. Others embark on the money chase too early. They haven’t established the business base to justify funding. Still others are run by people who seem to like the money chase better than running the business. All of these reasons and more make embarking on the search for venture funding a perilous b

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Where to get Help and money for startups in California. The Complete Guide: Angel Investors, Accelerators, Incubators for Seed and Early-stage Funding

Where to get Help and money for startups in California. The Complete Guide: Angel Investors, Accelerators, Incubators for Seed and Early-stage Funding

Where to get Help and money for startups in California. The Complete Guide: Angel Investors, Accelerators, Incubators for Seed and Early-stage Funding

In this book you will find a list of business incubators, angel groups and individual investors, as well as Venture Capital firms providing seed and early stage funding and working in California.



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Impact With Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilize Women Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs

Impact With Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilize Women Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs

Impact With Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilize Women Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs

WILL YOU SETTLE FOR LEAVING HALF THE WORLD’S WEALTH ON THE TABLE? In a world where women’s capital remains underused, angel investing—providing money, human capital, and expertise for start-up or early-stage companies—offers a potent opportunity for women to impact the future. The authors—all seasoned players in the global business and investment community—share their personal stories and insiders’ insights in a clarion wake-up call intended to activate new women angel investors.

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angel investor?

Image by Esthr
see the halo above his head? but actually, he’s Artem Yukhin, a full-fledged VC and director of Troika Dialog’s venture funds.


Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups

Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups

Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups

Startup investors are achieving 20%, 40%, and higher rates of return. Whether you’re investing in early-stage companies, raising capital for your startup, or just interested in how angel investors really make their money, Startup Wealth will unravel the mystery surrounding startup capital. STARTUP WEALTH delivers engaging interviews with early- stage investors in Google, Invisalign, ZipCar, Uber, Twilio, Localytics, and other successful and not so successful companies. Find out how an amazin

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Founders Network Hosts Inaugural fnDemo Startup Competition

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Founders Network (, a peer mentorship organization that includes more than 350 tech startup “founders helping founders,” today announced the inaugural fnDemo, a virtual tech startup pitch competition featuring more than 30 of the network’s member startups.

Starting today, the participating Founders Network members from Silicon Valley, LA, New York and around the world will virtually pitch their startups to leading investors, media and fans who can vote for their favorites. Two categories of winners will be announced when voting concludes this Friday, May 24 at 12pm PDT: 1) the fnDemo Champ who generates the most social shares via the Fandrop platform and 2) the Judges’ Pick who earns the most votes from a panel of 10 judges representing leading angel and venture capital investors.

“fnDemo showcases not only the Founders Network members that make up our committed network of tech startup founders, but also the collective power of our peer mentorship community,” said Kevin Holmes, Founder & CEO of Founders Network. “We are excited to see such an impressive set of members participating in the inaugural contest and to have the support of such an esteemed panel of judges from the venture capital and angel investor community.”

Powered by viral marketing platform Fandrop, fnDemo offers Founders Network members the opportunity to gain recognition and attention for their innovative startups across industries ranging from education and entertainment to real estate and retail.

“We are thrilled to be working with Founders Network on an event that will help game-changing new companies get the awareness and accolades they deserve,” said Ken Zi Wang, Co-Founder & CEO of Fandrop and a member of Founders Network. “Without Founders Network, and the advice and support of its accomplished members, Fandrop would not be where it is today. We are honored to be able to give back to the community by serving as the technology partner for the inaugural fnDemo.”

Founded in 2011, Founders Network helps members efficiently solve startup problems through a private member site while building long-term, trusted relationships through in-person meetings in San Francisco / Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York City. All members are vetted through an approval process that only admits experienced founders who expressly commit to the success of the group. For more information, please visit

Participating investors:

Howard Hartenbaum, August Capital; Stephanie Palmeri, SoftTech VC; Ben Parr, DominateFund; Laurel Touby; Gil Penchina; Marlon Nichols, Intel Capital; Ben Narasin, Triple Point Capital; Arif Janmohamed, Lightspeed Ventures and Rishi Taparia, Matrix Partners.

Participating startups:

AbbeyPost, AHHHA,, BlogMutt,, Cloudability, Dealingers, Dishcrawl, EEME, Etceter, Fiverun, Fleksy, Good.Co, GradFly, Graphdat, HungryGlobetrotter, Indiloop, Karma Store, Merxz, MyFit3D, Pogoseat, Relevance, RentHackr, RivalMe Trivia,,, SportsLab, Spreeify, Turnyp, Venturocket, Vuact.

Sponsors and Partners:

First Republic Bank, Guderson Dettmer, SoftLayer, BWK New York Public Relations, Betts Recruiting, Fandrop, VerbFactory.

About fnDemo

Hosted by Founders Network, a peer mentorship organization of more than 350 tech startup “founders helping founders,” fnDemo is a virtual tech startup pitch competition for leading investors, media and prospective customers and employees. Powered by viral marketing platform Fandrop, fnDemo enables Founders Network members to present their startups and lets fans and judges — representing angel and venture capital investors — vote for their favorite companies. For more information, please visit fnDemo.


GigaOM Joins Forces with Facebook and Open Compute Project for Hardware Hackathon

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

GigaOM is teaming up with Facebook to support the Open Compute Project’s second annual hardware hackathon on June 18. Winners will present their projects on stage to more than 500 technologists, journalists and investors at GigaOM’s Structure conference on June 19. Now in its sixth year, Structure is GigaOM’s flagship event focused on the future of cloud computing and internet infrastructure.

Limited to 100 participants, hackers will be vying for $ 10,000 in seed funding, mentoring from the Open Compute Project foundation, and the opportunity to pitch to venture capitalists and angel investors. Projects will judged on the completeness of the design, its applicability to scaled-out computing, and the probability of the hack attracting funding.

“Software may be eating the world, but in the last two years the shifts in computing have also led to shifts in the machines doing the actual computing,” said Stacey Higginbotham, senior writer for GigaOM and chair of Structure 2013. “As this market opens up, there is an opportunity for startups and new ideas to infiltrate the multibillion data center hardware industry now controlled by giants. We’re supporting this hackathon and bringing it to Structure so our audience has the chance to meet the world’s next Michael Dell or David Packard.”

Other topics and speakers to be featured at Structure include:

What’s keeping your CEO up at night – Ralph Loura, The Clorox Company, and Ben Haines, Pabst Brewing Company
Behind Google’s evolutionary leaps – Jeff Dean, Google
Keeping a billion users happy – Jay Parikh, Facebook
How infrastructure can transform business success – David Giambruno, Revlon, and Cynthia Stoddard, NetApp    
Is the future software-defined everything? – Pat Gelsinger, VMware
The CEO, the investor and the future – Aneel Bhusri, Workday
AWS: Amazon’s winning strategy – Werner Vogels, Amazon
Metamorphosis: Everything must go first – Kevin Scott, LinkedIn
The economics of scaling – Bobby Murphy, Snapchat

See the full speaker and session lineup here.

All Structure attendees will receive a complimentary GigaOM Research Sector RoadMap™ report that explores the major trends disrupting the software-defined network market and six key vendors impacting the space. Other highlights include:

40 sessions and 16 workshops on topics such as next-generation trends in software-defined networks and storage, distributed data centers, and implementation strategies to match real-time business needs
More than 65 sponsors and exhibitors, including 20 startups.
LaunchPad startup competition.
Introduction of Cloud Catalysts – 10 up and comers who are rethinking infrastructure for the next generation of computing.
Mapping session led by GigaOM Research, focused on the next 12-18 months of the cloud.
Inside look at annual cloud buyers survey conducted by GigaOM Research and Northbridge Partners.

Discounted supersaver tickets are available through May 24. Follow @GigaOM on Twitter (#structureconf) to stay up to date as new speakers and sessions are announced.

Some of the most influential companies in cloud computing have already lined up to sponsor Structure, including headline sponsor Intel. Sponsorships are expected to sell out. Contact Mike Sly at eventsales(at)gigaom(dot)com or (415) 235-0358 to join primetime sponsors AMD, Aspera, Basho, BTI, Citrix, DataDirect Networks, Dell, HGST, HP Cloud Services, IBM, Juniper Networks, Kontron, New Relic, Nuage Networks, OpenStack, Plex Systems, SAP, ServiceMesh, SnapLogic, SOA Software, SoftLayer, Verizon Terremark, Virtustream, Windows Azure, and WSO2.

About GigaOM

Founded in 2006, GigaOM is the leading global source of analysis on emerging technologies. Our news, research and events provide deep insight on the companies, people and trends disrupting technology and media.

About GigaOM Events

GigaOM events bring the people and companies driving disruptive technologies to the stage. Through a combination of strong editorial content and face time with technology innovators, GigaOM events give attendees the tools they need to capitalize on emerging trends.

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Investors Do Not Rush To Low Wood Price Cut Eucalyptus – Wood, Cut – Paper Industry

“Encounter timber market downturn, investors need not rush to cut down eucalyptus.” Sept. 2, Indonesia Gold Group APP Head of China’s propaganda headquarters in Nanfang Wang told reporters that in 2010, China’s annual demand for paper products will reach 85 million tons, the domestic timber supply is still huge gaps in prices of eucalyptus and other fast growing forest there is still room for growth. Only the Sinar Mas Group, currently planted eucalyptus in China, supply only the company’s total annual demand for timber 1 / 3.

Sinar Mas Group APP China’s innovation headquarters management team, said Huang Xiaomin, director of public relations, from the well-known Chinese entrepreneurs in Asia founded by Mr. Huang Yicong Sinar Mas Group, entered China in 1992, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta as the investment focus, has spent a lot created by Kim Dong, Ningbo China, JHS, gold leaves, Hainan Jinhai Pulp as the representatives of the large Paper Enterprises, and investing heavily to build more than 20 fast-growing forest and modern forest, the total assets of about 60 billion yuan, annual production capacity of more than 600 million tons of wood processing.

It is, at present, Eucalyptus has been all over the South China more than 600 counties in 17 provinces, covering nearly 4,000 mu, live stumpage over 60 million cubic meters, ranking third in the world, second only to Brazil and India . Among them, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Fujian provinces are focused on Eucalyptus cultivation, totaling more than 3,000 acres, accounting for eucalyptus cultivation area and growing stock more than 80%. Only a Sinar Mas Group, currently in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan and Yunnan, planted 450 million mu of fast growing forest, and Guangxi and Guangdong, respectively 180 mu and 60 mu.

Although the eucalyptus industry so fast, but in recent years are still huge gaps in the domestic timber demand, from 2000 to 2008, China’s paper consumption to 121% annual average rate of growth of per capita consumer of 60 kg, higher than the world The average level of 53 kg, most of the wood raw material needs from abroad. According to “break the North West government, expansion south of” strategic planning of forest industry development, China’s future plans to develop 225 million mu of fast growing forest, but still can not meet growing market demand. Although the current market conditions

eucalyptus have to pick up, but whether the opportunity to tear down trees? Sinar Mas Group APP China Forestry Department officials said Jiang Fuli, in Financial Prior to the crisis, as in the first half of 2007, the domestic price of eucalyptus up to 650 yuan / ton, timber shortages; by the financial crisis, eucalyptus wood prices in the second half of 2008 fell to 200 yuan / ton; recently, eucalyptus wood market to pick up, then up to 400 yuan / ton. “In the market prices are low, if non-subject to funding constraints and other factors, investors take a deep breath, do not rush to tear down trees. We estimate that the financial crisis, eucalyptus wood prices will rebound to normal levels.”

In addition, for the current management of eucalyptus planting a few problems, Sinar Mas Group APP China Forestry Department expert Ren Wenbin said, first of all, eucalyptus and other commercial forest products of forest land must be chosen within the forest planning area, including the barren hills and wasteland, transformation of low-yield forest land. Secondly, forest clearance and land preparation methods, traditional techniques such as burning eucalyptus forest, plowing the land, such as tractor bringing a great impact on the forest, so we had to give way to forest burning and clearing, strip or block used to clean up; should not be used All Ken-type soil preparation, soil preparation to use points cultivated style. Finally, the way in the eucalyptus plantation, to be used or mixed forest species, many clone planting, avoid planting a single species of long-term accumulation of negative effects on forest land.

I am an expert from China Computer Parts, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as 13 inch television , tv stand dlp.


AccelerateOTT: Revving Up Ottawas Startup Engine; a Community Led Event Hosted by Invest Ottawa and the C100

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

AccelerateOTT will bring together entrepreneurs, students, researchers, investors and thought leaders to celebrate the past, present, and future of Ottawa’s startup community.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are wealth creators and the keystone to Ottawa’s future economic prosperity.

Keynote speakers include: Jason Calacanis, founder and CEO of, an active angel investor and host of the popular podcast “This Week in Startups”; Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and Managing Partner of The Social+Capital Partnership, who was previously a long-term member of Facebook’s senior executive team and C100 Charter Member; branding guru Jeff Swystun, President and CMO, Swystun Communications and formerly head of DDB Worldwide’s branding and marketing; and Tobi Lütke, CEO and Founder, Shopify.

“Sharing ‘war stories’, best practices, and inspiration from others who have been there before is invaluable for any entrepreneur,” said Harley Finkelstein, Chief Platform Officer at Shopify and the lead of the AccelerateOTT planning committee. “Entrepreneurs take risks every day. Having someone share their experiences can help validate assumptions and provide others with the motivation needed to keep ‘hustling’, even when things aren’t always going as planned. This event will provide incredible value to our startup community.”

The event program on June 14th also includes a “lessons learned” panel discussion featuring three local startup successes – Blaze Software’s Michael Weider, FastLane Technologies’ Eric Kitchen and TravelPod’s Luc Levesque.

A celebration of Ottawa’s startup community wouldn’t be complete without a showcase of the city’s promising and high-potential new companies. The ‘Startup Showcase’ will open the event and pitch sessions are incorporated throughout the day’s agenda. Companies interested in participating in the showcase should contact Invest Ottawa.

“We are excited to host our first C100 Accelerate event in Ottawa,” said Atlee Clark, Executive Director, The C100. “Ottawa is prime to breakthrough as one of Canada’s top startup communities. The city’s history as a technology hub combined with the new technology leaders that now call it home make for an exciting time and place. We’re happy to celebrate and support that ecosystem in any way that we can.”

About The C100

The C100 is a Silicon Valley-based, non-profit organization that supports Canadian technology entrepreneurship through mentorship, partnership and investment. The C100 Charter Membership is a vibrant and highly sought-after network of successful Canadian technology leaders. C100 Charter Members include startup CEOs, top executives from technology leaders like Google,, Oracle and Apple and venture investors representing more than $ 17 billion in capital. C100 members are passionate about leveraging their collective experience, expertise and relationships to help grow the next generation of global, billion dollar Canadian technology companies. For more information on The C100 visit:

Media contact: Atlee Clark, Executive Director, C100, 415-781-9093

About Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa delivers export-oriented economic development programs and initiatives that increase entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in the City of Ottawa and its surrounding region. Its goal is to make Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a knowledge-based business. Invest Ottawa services include startup incubation and mentorship, acceleration for existing companies, global business attraction and local business retention, targeted sector development, commercialization, and marketing Ottawa’s diversified economy and high quality of life.

Media contact: Jon Milne, Director of Marketing, Invest Ottawa, 613-828-6274 x201


Kenneth Cole Might Not Be a Good Fit for Investors

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Discussion with Amit groverof nurture talent and member angel investors on how to get investment for eco – friendly busines.
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