Brown has supporters for federal court post

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Brown has supporters for federal court post
TUPELO — Mississippi's likely next federal district jurist admits she's been a judge only for the state's High School Mock Trial Competition. People who know Debra Marie Brown say she's plenty ready to don the black robe. Brown, 49, of Jackson, isn't …
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Apple preps iPhone 5S, 5C for GREAT BRAWL OF CHINA
Tim Cook will be hoping to woo more buyers in the enormous nation and also resurrect some of the sense of occasion generated by Steve Jobs when he appears before an invitation-only event in Cupertino to announce the new smartphones. Soon after …
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USDA tries new tactic in support of farm bill
Park National sponsors financial literacy program. Area high-school … On Wednesday, Vilsack took to the USDA blog in a short video clip asking Americans to answer the question, “What does the farm bill mean to you?” in their social medium of choice …
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