Beth Murphy of Digg shares the secret to Digg's success at SES San Jose 2009

Beth Murphy, Sr. Director of Marketing at Digg, shares the secret of Digg’s success with Byron Gordon of SEO-PR. Digg focuses its energy on creating a highly compelling product, and the result is a site which over 39 million people visit monthly. Their efforts center on overall user usability, the hope being that a well-designed site will drive user satisfaction and the desire to spread the word about it. Digg uses innovative methods like posting Digg dialogues with celebrities that users can comment on as the dialogue progresses, so the user has many opportunities to become involved. To promote these dialogues and garner more participation, Digg partners with major news outlets like CNN. Murphy reiterates that Digg is all about crowd sourcing, with users instead of journalists and editors selecting what content is important. Digg takes its professed ethos to heart, and in keeping with the crowd sourcing ethic it does not use press releases, but offers up viral videos and social media announcements for users to engage with and promote as they see fit.

Este vídeo mostra estatísticas sobre como as redes sociais estão mudando a maneira como vivemos e fazemos negócios. É impressionante a quantidade de pessoas que está imersa neste novo formato de mídia e como elas interagem entre si, influenciando-se e conectado-se Quer saber mais sobre Mídia Social ou Otimização de Sites – SEO? Acesse:

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