Australia's most-welcome economic turnaround in a long, long

Australia's most-welcome economic turnaround in a long, long
Net foreign debt exceeded Australia's so-called net international investment liability position of $ 829.8 billion on that day. Our net foreign equity … Australian indifference to its foreign debt (as distinct from the angst over small levels of …
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U.S. Silica Holdings Inc (SLCA) news: I Wouldn't Bet On Frac Sand Going
Other fracking related investment ideas are likely to outperform frac sand. I recently read an article on Seeking Alpha about "frac … Barriers to entry are very low for refining sand, it simply requires expanding capacity within the existing factory …
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Thai crisis puts Japanese companies on notice
It was an idea catalyzed by the Japanese business community, which had looked into the possibility of relocating some of its labor-intensive productions into Thailand's neighboring countries, namely Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (CLM). … instead of …
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Forum called 'a great start,' but how community goes from here will be key
“And if we can continue to talk to each other and to run ideas by each other and finally focus and be able to execute some of the ideas that were brought up today, I think it's going to be a great outcome. … “We've been in a decline because of …
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