AOR Technology Announces New Social Media Strategies for Employee Benefit Professionals

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

The question of whether or not to engage in social media in a heavily referral-based industry like employee benefit consulting is always a challenge for business owners. The fact that a website is not intended for online sales makes firms question the true need for social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Now, AOR Technology is releasing a new solution that takes the guesswork out of this decision and handles the entire process so the client is free to focus on their core business.

Benefit agencies can effectively utilize social media in a variety of ways when they understand that value lies in constant and effective communication that creates new and stronger relationships. Effective campaigns often include a large net of resources put together to engage clients and prospects from the website, social media, blogging, email campaigns and SEO work behind the scenes. AOR Technology includes all of these services in its new eMarketing package, which is now available to its clients.

An example of the kind of behind-the-scenes knowledge and services AOR Technology provides is found in the following tip: An easy way to understand how your website and business can benefit from these solutions is to relate it to getting found on the Internet when someone does a Google search. Being found on the first page of Google is very much a popularity contest that requires regular and deliberate steps that gets Google’s attention and wins brownie points with time. Having a social media account like Facebook does not in itself win points, the golden number is having a Facebook page with at least 75 “Likes”. At this point, Google recognizes you are an established company with real followers and not just a garage business with close friends and family as its only followers!

Benefit agencies can leverage these tools to effectively communicate healthcare reform, changes in benefit options, and more if they have a strategy and understand why they have these solutions in the first place. And AOR Technology’s eMarketing package can help this process.

AOR Technology is a leading benefits technology firm that only works with employee benefit and P&C professionals to help them make sense of these tools and how they relate to our unique and changing industry. “Many agencies worry so much about not being power users at social media but forget you need to take the small but very important steps first,” says Jeff Hill, CEO, AOR Technology. “Making sure your company website is impactful and easy to navigate is the first step…everything you do with social media feeds your website, so make sure it’s solid!” To accomplish this, utilize various resources like crowd-sourcing for site design, content writing support, and guidance on benefits technology – all key services provided by AOR Technology.

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