20 Cool Perks of Being a Pro Athlete

20 Cool Perks of Being a Pro Athlete
Athletes don't have to worry about what in their wardrobe qualifies as business-casual attire, as opposed to regular business attire in a confusingly laid-back office. Or traverse the ugly terrain of ever-changing kitchen politics within an office …
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Correction: Public Pensions Boards story
Brown has called CalPERS' delay unacceptable. "No one likes to pay more for pensions, but ignoring their true costs for two more years will only burden the system and cost more in the long run," Brown wrote in a letter to the board. In a written …
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Restoring Credit Score After Defaulting on Student Loan
However, if you miss the date when the deferment ends, the loan holder will start to report you to the credit bureaus as late on your payments. … To improve your credit further, show that you can now borrow money and pay it back with no problem. An …
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Veterans to get financial skills training at UT
“In those periods of boredom, a lot of times people come up with business ideas … but they don't know how to access capital, they don't know how to start a business, how to file for an LLC. One of the main reasons we're doing this is for all the …
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