20 Best Quotes from Ukraine?s Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

Ukraine’s Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was released from jail after two-and-a-half years behind bars on Saturday (February 22, 2014). The 53-year-old addressed the crowds in Independence Square as well as called on them to continue their protest.

Following are 20 best quotes from Yulia Tymoshenko – the one time political hero of Ukraine.

“Whenever you see a successful woman, look out for three men who are going out of their way to try to block her.”

“Our team will fight for the possibility to form the government. We perceive these positions not as a goal, but as an instrument to realize the ideals of the Orange Revolution, … I don’t want people’s trust in government to die.”

“The air we are breathing is corrupt. It’s not the end of the Orange Revolution; it’s the direct action of the Orange Revolution. A public cleansing of society is underway.”

“I won’t go into an election with people who have so discredited Ukraine.”

“When the new president pulled out these allegations, the whole country simply laughed, because even under the Kuchma regime, these charges were cleared, … This case has already been thrown out by the courts.”

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“We are not causing the delay. We are 100 percent ready. I think there is some confusion in Our Ukraine. They did not expect such results.”

“The damage was huge, … especially the damage to people’s souls–the people who stood on Independence Square for the sake of the revolution. . . . This is a big tragedy.”

“My goal in politics from the very beginning has been, and will be, the goal of giving Ukraine a chance to finally secure a firm footing in the world as a competitive, independent and real European state.”

“Corruption is in the air. This is the air we had to breathe.”

“He practically ruined our unity, our future, the future of the country. I think this step is absolutely illogical.”

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“We said repeatedly that this election was about choosing the prime minister and now the people have spoken.”

“I believe God sometimes gives chances to some people. And I believe God gave me the chance to explain to people what is important and I am trying to use this.”

“We are nearly that team that can deeply reform the country, rid it of clans and oligarchs and begin democratic reforms.”

“I think I will become prime minister.”

“I haven’t been doing business for years, and all of Ukraine knows this, … The campaign against me is based on the notion that 10 years ago I was very powerful. In a span of five years, I created the most powerful company in post-Soviet space. The memory of that exists, of course.”

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“I will get to the truth, if not in Ukrainian courts, then in international ones. I will fight to my last breath. They want to put me in prison but that won’t help. My voice will be heard even louder from prison than now, and the whole world will hear me.”

“The revolution is not yet finished. We must keep fighting to secure power!”

“We said repeatedly that this election was about choosing the prime minister and now the people have spoken.”

“I’m not going to hide myself away – I’m not going anywhere.”

“Everything that I have is natural – braid, nails – I practically never use cosmetics. They often ask me in the provinces about my braid.”

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