1 Million Cups comes full circle on two-year anniversary

1 Million Cups comes full circle on two-year anniversary
In addition to startup founders sharing how 1 Million Cups further propelled their businesses from two years ago, creators of the program itself reflected on Kansas City's heritage. "If you look back historically at the people who've shaped Kansas City …
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Pampering Your Tastebuds with Worthy Beef Jerky
What was previously a temporary small side business became an extremely promising startup with a team of 10 members (including Alex himself) that manage the company we now know as “Worthy Jerky.” When putting together the team, Alex identified that …
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At Brandeis, Students Learn to Build a Startup in Three Days
“This is turning the business school into a pressure cooker for entrepreneurial ideas,” said professor Ben Gomes-Casseres, who teaches international business at Brandeis and is one of several mentors who oversee the three-day hackathon. “They work …
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Get Distribution or Die Trying
Obviously, this makes a lot more sense in a business-to-business sense but it can also work in a consumer play under the right circumstances. Partnerships for distribution should revolve … This is actually more important than you think as a lot of …
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